iPhone Sticky Screen Cleaner Skins

iPhone 4/4s Screen Cleaner and Skin

Custom Printed Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner

Much better than a promotional product that is seen or used a few time and then just thrown in a drawer, the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner is today's tool for making sure that your promotional advertising dollars are well spent.

An iPhone goes wherever your customer goes, so why not let it broadcast and strategically place your company's brand, information and logo where it needs to be seen? With the use of the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner as a promotional marketing tool, coffee houses, shopping malls, social events and any place people are gathered becomes the place that your logo and specialized marketing information will be exposed to a wider public.

In today's business climate with so many going from one meeting, restaurants and elsewhere- then to daycare, soccer games and elsewhere in their home lives, the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner stands alone in shouting your message to potential new customers.

So when it comes to an A-1 promotional marketing tool, the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner is one of the latest premium advertising items that is both affordable and gets your company's message out there. The advantage of the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner is that it is seen ALL THE TIME, wherever there is an iPhone in use!

Your customers' iPhones can now be traveling promotional wave makers-- right there for the entire world to see.

ABOUT THE Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner

Comprised of a pliable and protective softly padded microfiber material, the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner adheres to the iPhone, protecting the rear side from scrapes while heralding your company's promotional marketing information and your customized art.

With their large imprint area, the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaners, the amazing marketing tool that they indeed are, have the potential of playing a key role in your business promotional marketing strategy.

This professional marketing tool could be your ticket to expansion and growth with the large customizable area on the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaners. They are the perfect promotional item in today's fast-paced business climate.

Simple to use, the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner easily peels off the back of the iPhone to clean the iPhone's screen, and re-adheres just as quickly to continue protecting the back of the iPhone AND to amplify your customized promotional marketing message.

The Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner's huge imprinted available surface area (2.125 inches x 5.375 inches of space) includes the whole rear side of the iPhone, amplifying your promotional marketing budget.

    Benefits of the Sticky iPhone Screen Cleaner
  • Printed with your customization and logo and/or art.
  • Eradicates dust and fingerprints with just a few wipes.
  • Creates interest around promotional information.
  • Harmlessly cleans screens with soft long-lasting microfiber.
  • Made for repeated use, over and over—quality gel-backing.
  • Able to be washed with soap and water and air dried.
  • Gel backing is refreshable—on occasion wipe with a damp cloth.

The iPhone skin can be customized with your logo and company information, even an optional free QR code! The iPhone skin removes dirt and fingerprints with just a few swipes. The iPhone Skin adheres to the back of your digital device, without blocking your camera lens, when not in use. The self-adhesive is effective countless. The state of the art Microfiber material used in the iPhone Skin will not scratch the delicate surface of your iPhone screen when cleaning. With the printed side of the MicroClean facing down, remove the dirt from your iPhone by brushing lightly with your finger tip. When you are finished using it, stick the printed side of the iPhone Skin face up on the iPhone. It can conveniently be taken on and off as needed. Because the iPhone skin has a large surface area (2.125" x 5.375") and is conveniently covering the entire back side of one of the most popular phones being used today, it makes one of the best promotional products you can get for your advertising dollar.
iPhone Skins
NOTE: Pricing above relfects a discount of 8% off list price and does not include setup fees or other additional option charges.
Production Time is 10 working days.
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The iPhone Screen Cleaner comes in fitted cello bags and is attached to a standard 3 inch x 5 inch card backer. The card is customizable with your own logo and design.

Backer cards are printable full color on the front of the card backer and grayscale on the back side.

Prices for the custom card backers are listed below:

Card Backer Pricing (Custom Design)
 Price Each:$0.45$0.35$0.25$0.22$0.18
NOTE: Pricing above does not include setup or artwork design charges.
Custom Card Setup: $80 Run Charge for Back is an additional 5˘ each.
Design Service: $65 per side.