Customized Sticky Screen Cleaners for Cell Phones, Tablets & Laptops

Sticky Screen Cleaners are both a fun and practical way to promote your business! 

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Custom Imprinted Sticky Screen Cleaners for Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

Sticky Screen Cleaners

Sticky Screen Cleaners are a practical marketing tool that promote your business and because of their functional quality are SEEN in the Marketplace while showing your brand!

Once people see the Sticky Screen Cleaner in action, they all want one of their own. The Sticky Screen Cleaner cleans LCD screens of nearly every digital device from iPhones and MP3 players to laptops, Kindles, Nooks, tablets and iPads. Once your customer has their own Sticky Screen Cleaner, they'll wonder how they ever did without it!

The fact that the Sticky Screen Cleaner makes quite a promotional impression works to your advantage. The Sticky Screen Cleaner is customizable with your company information, logo and even a QR code.

The Sticky Screen Cleaners are promotional marketing tools that are both innovative and simple to use, making an impact wherever they are introduced. Sticky Screen Cleaners are available in different sizes and shapes- some designated for specific digital devices and some even having the option of providing a “stand it up” feature, allowing your digital device to conveniently stand up on tables, dashboards (Smart Phone GPS use) and other flat surfaces. They are made of a special microfiber material that clears away dirty smudges and fingerprints without ever scratching the surface.

With its gel-back adhesive, the Sticky Screen Cleaners are able to be quickly removed from one's digital device, used to clean the screen and then replaced, ready to be used the next time-the gel back designed for use many times over and over, before being refreshed quickly by wiping with a wet cloth.

The Sticky Screen Cleaner is a product that is practical, yet has certain flair-it will definitely draw attention to your company or organization-it is seen and used regularly in public places and gives a sense of novelty and ownership pride to its possessor. Now that everyone is spending multiple hours using their cell phones, tablets or laptops, the Sticky Screen Cleaner will give you a great return on your promotional dollars due to being used on the go-wherever people congregate or conduct business.

The Sticky Screen Cleaners are a tool that will be used by your customers and potential customers repeatedly. These high quality microfiber cleaning pads are one of the most practical advertising products due to their visibility and everyday use.

Click on the individual product links above to find the Sticky Screen Cleaner which will best fit your promotional advertising needs and made your business stand out, keeping your brand literally "in the hands" of your potential and existing customers.