Customized Sticky Screen Cleaners for Cell Phones, Tablets & Laptops

Sticky Screen Cleaners are both a fun and practical way to promote your business! 

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Microfiber LCD Screen Cleaning Tools

When you look for a promotional product, of course you want something that will be seen by the largest segment of potential customers possible.

Sticky Screen Cleaners accomplish this. They are a screen cleaning tool which is being used wherever people congregate, in diverse social and business situations. They can be used and seen at board meetings, health clubs, softball fields, cafes, restaurants and coffee houses-and anywhere your potential customers might be gathered.

Sticky Screen Cleaners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, being made of a microfiber material that removes dirt and oil without scratching the surface. They are designed with a gel-backed adhesive surface which makes them visible and practical, being ready to use at a moment's notice.

A Promotional Marketing Tool for the Latest Technology Decade

The Sticky Screen Cleaners are a promotional marketing product that presents your company brand in a technologically functional fashion and broadens the exposure of your company’s public image. They are a down-to-earth product that performs the regular screen cleaning function which anyone needs who communicates by a mobile phone, laptop or digital device.

You will be pleased with the Sticky Screen Cleaners as a promotional tool. The Sticky Screen Cleaners are a tremendous marketing tool for use in many different kinds of promotional campaigns. These screen-cleaning products are excellent marketing promotional tools, yet reasonably priced and fitting most promotional marketing budgets.

Long Term Promotional Use

Sticky Screen Cleaners are a promotional marketing tool of superior quality!

Made for multiple uses, the Sticky Screen Cleaners are equipped with a gel-back adhesive that can be easily peeled from the surface of the device that is displaying your promotional marketing information, leaving no residue. It can then be replaced after use, ready for the next time. The gel-backing can be renewed when needed. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and then re-adhere to the iPhone, netbook, Nook, Kindle, Android or other smartphone.

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