Customized Sticky Screen Cleaners for Cell Phones, Tablets & Laptops

Sticky Screen Cleaners are both a fun and practical way to promote your business! 

Yes, we accept international orders!
The Sticky Screen Cleaner is one of the hottest selling new promotional products to hit the market in decades!

When choosing a promotional product to market your business you want a product that is going to be seen and used regularly and not end up at the bottom of a drawer. In this day and age where everyone is spending countless hours using their cell phones, tablets or laptops, the Sticky Screen Cleaner will give you the highest return on your marketing dollars because it always goes where your customer goes, and is seen where your customer is seen.

The Sticky Screen Cleaner adheres to the device when it is not in use and values your company's brand, showing off your promotional marketing message for all to see.

Sticky Screen Cleaners are made with your brand in mind, made to be printed with your company's personalized information and important promotional marketing details.

With Sticky Screen Cleaners, your existing and potential customers can conveniently clean the their LCD screens of any digital devices including iPhones, Droids and other smartphones, iPads and other tablets, laptops, Kindles and Nooks.

The Sticky Screen Cleaners can announce your company's arrival on the scene or strengthen an already existing powerful brand. They can be used for human resources giveaways, trade shows, in house promotions or other corporate events-and so much more!

Anytime anyone is introduced to the functionality of the Sticky Screen Cleaners, they all want one-welcoming the Sticky Screen Cleaner's functionality to their device and at the same time enrolling their device to broadcast your company's brand and promotional message.

In today's convenience driven world, the Sticky Screen Cleaners are a prime asset for getting your message across to your potential customers!

These high quality microfiber cleaning pads are the best advertising product due to their practicality and visibility. They are a unique product, and are getting more popular every day. They are a phenomenal advertising tool for nearly any business, from banks and medical practices to computer and electronic stores to cell phone carriers and real estate offices.

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